Overview of Hosting Options


Jon Allen, Change8’s IT programme delivery director led the first IFS Cloud implementation in the UK. Jon has extensive experience implementing IFS in multi-site and multi-national organisations.

There are two ways to go: IFS cloud-hosted and remote-hosted.
We 100 per cent recommend you consult with IFS technical experts before you make this decision.

IFS cloud-hosted

IFS handles everything for the customer, the installation and the upgrades.

Benefits: it’s very stable and gives an excellent performance.

Restrictions: the customer doesn’t have full control over their database.

Who is it better for?

IFS cloud-hosted is a good option for businesses that don’t have strong software development capabilities. The high performance and stability is also a plus for large enterprises dealing with 500+ customer orders a day.


The customer chooses a third-party hosting provider. As part of the selection process it is critical the customer checks the capabilities of the third party’s servers, their infrastructure hardware, and their performance levels.

Benefits: the customer has more control, and access to their database, applications servers and Crystal servers.

Restrictions: Some remote-hosted customers have reported performance issues such as loading time, errors in loading, and difficulty in viewing reports.

Who is it better for?

Businesses with strong software development capabilities who can exercise control over their database. Smaller enterprises are less likely to experience the performance issues.

More Knowledge

What is IFS Cloud?

The launch of IFS Cloud was a landmark for IFS. The new product is a step change from Apps 10. IFS Cloud is built on the latest technology stack and is 100% cloud-based.

What does evergreen in IFS really mean?

Evergreen requires a shift in mindset from thinking of ERP implementation as a single event, to adopting a cycle of continuous improvement.

Making the case for change

When you’re planning the move to IFS Cloud, you’re embarking on a programme to transform the whole business.