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About ChangeTalks

A community that gathers to help each other expand the potential of their people and their business.

Every IFS implementation is a journey. We’re bringing you together to discuss your direction and listen to people who’ve travelled the road.

Every quarter we invite business leaders to small, intimate dinners where they can share their stories.

We invoke the Chatham House Rule to encourage free discussion. There’s only one Rule: everyone can share what’s said but can’t reveal the identity of the person who said it.

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20th June 2024

Why managing your CRIMS strategy is key to your success

80% of overrun projects are because you didn’t plan your CRIMs right, we discuss how to plan, deliver, and implement a CRIM strategy.

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24th April 2024

Webinar: What is CRIM?

CRIM used to be an accepted way to talk about your IFS technical implementation, but is it a dying phrase?

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Previous Talks

29th February 2024

Leap into 2024 – Is it time for Cloud?

Using the extra day 2024 brings to look ahead at the future of IFS and whether it’s the right time to move to cloud.

12th October 2023

IFS Cloud, Hypercare, Continuous Improvement

At our last event you had a lot of questions about preparing the move, exiting hyper care, and how to turn your implementation into a talent development programme.

8th June 2023

IFS Cloud – Business change and continuous improvement

You’ll hear from an ERP leader who upgraded their business to the latest IFS Cloud product to alleviate their challenges and another, who is mid-move, will share their thoughts on what happens after go-live.