IFS Cloud, Hypercare, Continuous Improvement

Where and when?

Venue: private dining room at an Iberica Marylebone
Date: 8th June 2023
Time: the bar is open from 5pm, the dining room from 6pm
Local Hotels: Holiday Inn / Langham Court / Others

The first go-live is only the beginning of the IFS product lifecycle.

The journey out of early life support and onto a stable service can be demanding.

There are lots of pitfalls on the road to achieving capability in the system and realising the return on investment.

You’re going to hear from people who’ve been there and done it and people who are doing it now.

One ERP leader will talk about how their business achieved capability and implemented a methodology for continuous improvement.

You’ll hear from an ERP leader who upgraded their business to the latest IFS Cloud product to alleviate their challenges and another, who is mid-move, will share their thoughts on what happens after go-live.

Our key contributors will cover:

  • Avoiding pitfalls and planning for IFS service delivery and support
  • Exiting hyper-care and achieving stability
  • Supporting customisations in service delivery
  • Approaches to continuous improvement and adopting new functionality

Why talk about this now?

IFS projects are high-pressure environments where everyone gets focused on go-live. And that’s important.

Preparing for what happens after means the business can hit the ground running.

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About ChangeTalks

We’re curating this intimate gathering for ERP leaders to share their thoughts on the move to Cloud, business change and continuous improvement. We’re shaping this event around the people who are coming. Please register your interest and let us do the rest! We’ll firm up all the details soon.

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