Managing change


Louise Pipe, a successful and experienced Programme Manager, with over 20 years of experience of delivering multi million pound Business Change and IT Portfolio’s/Programmes.

The success of any transformation programme ultimately depends on managing the changes involved.

The J curve is a simple illustration of this.

It explains how business capability naturally dips after an ERP go-live event.

We call this the ‘capability shock’ because a lot of companies expect their capability to increase immediately after go-live. It doesn’t.

In fact, the business goes into a bit of shock as people start to draw on their training, lean on their super users and build the new ways of working into a habit.

We recommend you get your head around the J curve before you begin the project.

There are different names for the dip in capability. People call it hypercare, or early life support.

How quickly the business exits hyper care and moves into BAU depends entirely on the quality of the change management.

Successful transformation programmes rely on:

  • Executive sponsorship, involvement, and alignment
  • Proactive project management
  • Project organisation and governance – team understanding of roles and responsibilities
  • A business-wide understanding that this is a business project, not an IT project
  • A communication strategy and plan for all stakeholders both internal and external
  • A training strategy and plan for all stakeholders, including your IT service team who are also customers of the new ERP
  • A business readiness plan for proactively managing people in order to avoid the risk of change initiatives failing and employees being unable to perform
  • Project governance set up like the one below.

More Knowledge

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