What does evergreen in IFS really mean?

Jon Allen, Change8’s IT programme delivery director led the first IFS Cloud implementation in the UK.  Jon has extensive experience implementing IFS in multi-site and multi-national organisations.

What does evergreen in IFS really mean?

Evergreen requires a shift in mindset from thinking of ERP implementation as a single event, to adopting a cycle of continuous improvement.

Organisations used to do one implementation every 10 to twenty years and that was it as far as the business teams were concerned. The system stayed as it was, slowly degrading until it was replaced.

On IFS Cloud there are releases every six months. IFS Cloud is ‘single tenant’ which means the business controls when and how they adopt a release. (Salesforce, HubSpot and GitHub, for example, are multi-tenant. Updates are issued to all customers at the same time.)

Companies need resources to manage release adoption, and make sure they are thoroughly tested in a test environment before they are deployed to the live database. You have to make sure all the customisations are compatible with the update.

The responsibility for testing is with the people who understand their ways of working, not with IT. This means every business process needs a business owner with a test plan.

Evergreen means you need continuous improvement capability in your organisation.

IFS Support Services – explained

In Standard Support IFS offers their full suite of services at no extra cost, including fixing new security vulnerabilities and new bugs, and making improvements due to legal changes.

The IFS Cloud product is considered ‘evergreen’ as it will always remain in Standard Support, provided the business updates the product. There are new releases every six months and it’s ‘single tenant’, meaning customers are in control of when and how they adopt the new releases. (NB. Change8 recommends customers keep up to date.)

In Extended Support the full suite is also available, at increasing surcharges. In March 2023 Apps 10 went into Extended Support. In year one of extended support costs increase by 25%, in year two it’s 50%, rising to 100% in year three.

Apps 7.5, 8 and 9 are in Restricted Support. IFS services for fixing new security issues, new bugs, and responding to legal changes are no longer included. However, they may be done as a time and material request as a custom object or CRIM.

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